NDPCNational Domestic Preparedness Consortium
NDPCNational Disclosure Policy Committee
NDPCNational Drought Policy Commission
NDPCNational Dairy Producers Conference
NDPCNational Military Information Disclosure Policy Committee
NDPCNational Disaster Preparedness Committee
NDPCNormalized Downlink Power Consumption
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For effective implementation of development policies, the NDPC with assistance from a number of Cross-Sectoral Planning Groups (CSPGs) responsible for macro economies and plan financing, economic production, private sector development, social development, urban and rural development, infrastructure, etc ensures a proper co-ordination of the activities of all MDAs, in order to promote better appreciation of national requirements.
Como se puede apreciar en nuestro estudio los NDPC primero, segundo y tercero contienen mayor numero de fibras que el cuarto NDPC, seguramente por el hecho que este ultimo entrega, via ramo comunicante, parte de sus fibras para complementar el tercer NDPC, que presentan con el segundo NDPC el mayor numero de fibras.
Through his NDPC, La Rouche had `dupe[d] some black and Hispanic candidates into running on his ticket and to vote for his candidates'.
7 2000 4 2001 9 Data Source: MoE (1999) and NDPC (2004) Note: Table made from bar graph.
Las distancias promedio entre el pliegue distal de la muneca y el punto de division del NM, y, entre el mismo pliegue y la division del RSnU fueron de 35,5 y 26,1 mm, respectivamente; las distancias promedio entre el pliegue mencionado y el punto de division de los NDPC I, II, III y IV, fueron de 43,5; 68,1; 72,6 y 66,1 mm, respectivamente.
The Post-Katrina Act transfers the Noble Training Center to the Center for Domestic Preparedness, which is part of NDPC.
58502 < WHO: < Brett Narloch, Executive Director, NDPC < David Williams, Vice-President for Policy, CAGW
6a Medias 198,57 58,42 41,3 CV (%) 11,44 10,23 5,73 Primeiro ciclo PROD NFVC NDPC Trat (t/ha) (unidade) (unidade) 1 10,75a 7.
NDPC is composed of federal training facilities and academic institutions which provide training to emergency responders in different locations in the United States.
The Senate bill had already appropriated $132 million to the NDPC even before the earmark.
The Senate bill appropriates $132 million to the NDPC without the earmark; Nev.