NDPERNational Designated Pilot Examiner Registry
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Old NDPers and bien pensants liberals, myself included, refuse to recognize that the Cold War is over and that Lubor Zink won.
Cullen's unexpectedly strong showing reflects an understanding on the part of many more NDPers than might have been expected that this is indeed the case.
Robson notes that this notion stems from a 2004 CBC Television contest, but propagating Douglas's supposed primacy on the basis of that fatuous television show, in which viewers could vote numberless times (which NDPers reportedly did in the thousands), is galling.
Like the Alliance, the NDP lacks the ideological elasticity of the old parties: power in and of itself counts far less for rank-and-file NDPers than it does for their Liberal and Tory counterparts.
In fact, Liberals and NDPers outdid themselves in hailing the "end of discrimination.
Liberals, Conservatives and NDPers would have won seats in all provinces or regions, and Reformers in all but Quebec.
In keeping with its interest in social democracy, Inroads convened a roundtable discussion of four NDPers and one former senior public servant, all well placed to evaluate the Ontario NDP's term in office.