NDPERNational Designated Pilot Examiner Registry
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He also expressed his appreciation for Collins 28 years as NDPERS executive director.
Cullen's unexpectedly strong showing reflects an understanding on the part of many more NDPers than might have been expected that this is indeed the case.
Robson notes that this notion stems from a 2004 CBC Television contest, but propagating Douglas's supposed primacy on the basis of that fatuous television show, in which viewers could vote numberless times (which NDPers reportedly did in the thousands), is galling.
Things were so bad that some NDPers and construction unions lobbied for subsidies for developers and supported mega-projects like the Olympics as ways to turn things around.
The recent disappearance of the New Politics Initiative marks just one of many attempts to radicalize the NDP and the way it does politics Perhaps the most ambitious and far reaching of these projects was a child of the late sixties--the Waffle, a structured movement of NDPers opposed to the official party's tendency to "waffle" or equivocate on its principles.
Like the Alliance, the NDP lacks the ideological elasticity of the old parties: power in and of itself counts far less for rank-and-file NDPers than it does for their Liberal and Tory counterparts.
In fact, Liberals and NDPers outdid themselves in hailing the "end of discrimination.
It often used to seem that NDPers didn't believe their own rhetoric: they were bleeding hearts without passion or conviction.
The provincial Green Party (which has shifted to the political centre under new leader Adriane Cart) tends to view COPE as a competing NDP-aligned party, and many NDPers still blame the Greens for splitting the anti-Liberal vote in the 2001 provincial election.
NDPers are now all over the podiums of protest; militant workplace action, strike committees and picket line protests at businesses are decidedly downplayed.
There is a danger, however, that as the alliance canvasses for new members, it could be swamped by disgruntled NDPers looking to recreate their old party, which could seriously dilute whatever is fresh and radical about the new party.
Liberals, Conservatives and NDPers would have won seats in all provinces or regions, and Reformers in all but Quebec.