NDPGNational Defence Programme Guideline (Japan)
NDPGNorth Dakota Patriot Guard
NDPGNFC Divisional Playoff Game
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Therefore the difference between the 2013 NDPG and its recent predecessors is more of quantity rather than quality.
Less than a month before the NSS and NDPG were approved, the Abe cabinet legislated to establish the Japanese version of the NSC.
Tokyo's increased apprehension of China's military development and the bilateral tensions that erupted after a Chinese trawler collided with a Japanese coastguard patrol boat in September 2010 were arguably reflected in the latest update of the NDPG and the shift of military weight from Hokkaido to the Nansei Islands.
Each NDPG prescribes JSDF capabilities, acquisition goals, and annual budgetary outlays within a corresponding 5-year Mid-Term Defense Program and annual budgets.
In 2004, an updated NDPG was published that redefined Japan's basic security principles.
The 2004 NDPG directed the SDF toward a multirole, flexible force.
The 2010 NDPG also identified the need to enhance situational awareness.
Along with the possibility of use of civilian Japanese facilities by US forces, the SDF deployment was forecast in Yonaguni when the NDPG was revised in 2010 to substantially reinforce the SDF presence and operations in the outlying Okinawan islands (Ministry of Defense 2010).
The 2010 NDPG lays out a definitive shift away from the Cold War framework, which had called for strong bulwarks against the Soviets based in the northern areas of Japan, to a focus on the southwestern islands of the Japanese archipelago, where Japanese forces have encountered Chinese military activities and incursions.
The 2010 NDPG also emphasized the need to boost maritime capabilities while modestly drawing down Ground SDF equipment and personnel.
NDPG 2010 identifies Japan's offshore islands as a new priority for defense planning and advocates shifting the nation's strategic focus to the East China Sea and the southern Ryukyu island chain.
In the meantime, the 16DDH would fulfill many of the peacetime and wartime missions elaborated in the NDPG.