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NDPPNational Director of Public Prosecutions (South Africa)
NDPPNorth Downtown Park Plan (Seattle, WA)
NDPPNew Don Pedro Project (energy; California)
NDPPNational Development Priority Plan (various locations)
NDPPNationaal Diabetes Preventie Programma (Dutch: National Diabetes Prevention Program)
NDPPNon-Delimited Peripheral Parenchyma
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Jean Francois Trottier highlighted that the opening of the new batching plant on the coastal strip north of Mesaieed supports the Qatari government's mandate to create NDPP with a focus on minimising the impact on the environment.
The NDPP helps participants make healthy lifestyle changes.
or online modalities will help build demand for the program and increase participation in NDPP
The National Prosecution Authority (NPA) said that, legally speaking, the NDPP can't decide to institute a prosecution.
The industry's only FIPS 140-2 NDPP-certified API Gateway for enabling secure connectivity between users, applications and the cloud, Forum Sentry is the first Layer 4-7 device to achieve NDPP security certification, and holds the industry's only patent for cryptographic acceleration of security processing.
President Zuma says the appointment of an NDPP is his personal choice.
In order to facilitate NDPP conformance, Forum Systems pursued a rigorous certification program with Corsec Security, Inc.
It will meet the needs of Phase 1 of NDPP, expected at 1,500,000m3 of concrete, even as decreasing carbon emissions by up to 75%.