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NDRNorddeutscher Rundfunk
NDRnon-delivery report (email)
NDRNational Driver Register
NDRNetwork Data Representation
NDRNon-Delivery Receipt (email)
NDRNegative Differential Resistance
NDRNadur (postal locality, Malta)
NDRNational Data Repository
NDRNota del Redattore (Italian: Editor's Note)
NDRNemecká Demokratická Republika (Czech: former East Germany)
NDRNota della Redazione (Italian: Redaction Note)
NDRNext-Day Replacement
NDRNon Deal Roadshow
NDRNational Day of Reason
NDRNo Drop Rate
NDRN+1 Redundancy (Eastern Research)
NDRNationalist Democratic Rally
NDRNo Dues Required
NDRNeutral Displacement Relay
NDRNew Day Rising (band)
NDRNational Democratic Revolution
NDRNew Dimension Resources Ltd. (Canada)
NDRNebraska Department of Revenue
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They [refugees] have to provide for their families back home" as well as to pay human traffickers, a social worker in Hamburg told NDR, adding that "some of them become really desperate, and leave the accommodation and are gone for two or three weeks, or leave in the morning and return in the evening.
Speaking at the launch of the NDR, Bank of New York Mellon regional manager, Alex Johnstone said a depositary receipt is a flexible mechanism for international companies to facilitate a local listing in Namibia as the listing can reinforce a company's commitment to the Namibian market.
The partnership, in line with Universala[euro](tm)s growth strategy, is seen to create a strong relationship between NDR Energy and Space City Energy setting up a solid basis for rapid, horizontal expansion.
NDR Group sponsored the development efforts by obtaining grants and coordinating building design.
As an NDR employee, Heinze would have received 50% less money for the work had she disclosed the fact that she had penned the screenplays herself, according to the pubcaster.
As in Braun, Lee, and Strazicich (2005), the net discount rate is sometimes defined as 1 + NDR = (1 + k)/(1 + g).
Since 1992, AT&T has reportedly invested over USD350m in its NDR programme, which includes a team of over 50 managers, engineers and technicians, as well as a fleet of over 150 self-contained equipment trailers and support vehicles.
The NDR is a tool for developing robust enterprise level XML, an approach that allows for a catalog of reusable XML components--elements, attributes, types, schema--that will ensure that XML enhances, rather than detracts from, DON enterprise interoperability.
The combination of ChoicePoint and NDR strengthens our presence in this important market and supports the continued growth of our Court Research and Retrieval Group.
It is trivial that a unique NDR exists that satisfies equation (2),