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NDRNorddeutscher Rundfunk
NDRnon-delivery report (email)
NDRNational Driver Register
NDRNetwork Data Representation
NDRNon-Delivery Receipt (email)
NDRNegative Differential Resistance
NDRNadur (postal locality, Malta)
NDRNational Data Repository
NDRNota del Redattore (Italian: Editor's Note)
NDRNemecká Demokratická Republika (Czech: former East Germany)
NDRNota della Redazione (Italian: Redaction Note)
NDRNext-Day Replacement
NDRNon Deal Roadshow
NDRNational Day of Reason
NDRNo Drop Rate
NDRN+1 Redundancy (Eastern Research)
NDRNationalist Democratic Rally
NDRNo Dues Required
NDRNeutral Displacement Relay
NDRNew Day Rising (band)
NDRNational Democratic Revolution
NDRNew Dimension Resources Ltd. (Canada)
NDRNebraska Department of Revenue
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Alex Kleyner (CEO) and I are truly humbled by everyone's effort in ensuring that NDR is the industry leader in debt resolution, while providing an experience to consumers that leaves them sleeping a lot easier every night.
There are some fine solos from members of the NDR, but the chief credits need to go to Gurtu and Phillips, and also to electric bassist Michel Alibo.
NDR Group worked with local businesses to add 37 brand new apartments in place of deteriorated buildings.
When an NDR message is received by the Barracuda Spam Firewall, a valid tag must be present in bounce recipient address (i.
As in Braun, Lee, and Strazicich (2005), the net discount rate is sometimes defined as 1 + NDR = (1 + k)/(1 + g).
The NDR Bigband leaves Hamburg on Wednesday, October 20, and makes their first appearance on stage already on Thursday, October 21, at the Johannesburg Newtown Music Hall.
By prohibiting proprietary extensions as part of the DON XML Policy, specifically articulated in the NDR, we are proactively seeking to ensure that vendors adhere to voluntary consensus standards in their products.
The acquisition of NDR allows ChoicePoint to do this quickly and in a high quality fashion.
Reportedly, plans are still unclear as to what Carlton and NDR will do with the existing WIN library of 90 titles, some of which still have 17 years of rights left.
Given the new model, approximately 80% of the stocks rated by NDR will have a one-time rating change effective Monday, March 14, 2011.
The NDR team deployed on September 11, 2001, following the New York City World Trade Center disaster C recovering the services of a destroyed network office and providing emergency communications support for humanitarian efforts.
The stop of the cooperation between PDSH and NDR happened in the same pattern predicted by analysts and the public.