NDRDNatural Disaster Reference Database (NASA)
NDRDNADPH (Nicotinamide Adenosine Dinucleotide Phosphate)-Dependent Retinol Dehydrogenase
NDRDNetwork for Drylands Research and Development (Gulf Cooperation Council; United Arab Emirates)
NDRDNeurodevelopmental and Related Disabilities
NDRDNew Drug Research and Development (pharmacy)
NDRDNon-Dopa-Responsive Dystonia (neurology)
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The glycan profile of urinary protein from DN and NDRD patients was analyzed by a lectin microarray.
In the comparison of the glycopatterns of DN and NDRD, the ratio analysis showed that the relative abundance of ([sz]-1, 4)-linked GlcNAc identified by DSA was higher in both DN groups than that in the NDRD groups (fold change >1.
To compare the glycopatterns of urinary protein between the NDRD groups, 10 and 8 lectins were detected as effective binding signals in the MN and IgAN groups, respectively.
The lectin microarray revealed that the relative abundance of the ([sz]-1,4)-linked GlcNAc was significantly higher in DN patients than in NDRD patients.
In this study, we found that the relative abundance of the ([sz]-1,4)-linked GlcNAc was significantly higher in DN patients compared with NDRD patients.
In this study, a lectin microarray was used to investigate the glycan profile of urinary proteins between DN and NDRD patients.
NDRD thus making it a significant factor indicative of renal biopsy.
Mak and Lin et al found that patients with both isolated DN and NDRD did not have any difference in serum creatinine levels.
Mak and Matias et al found a strong correlation between NDRD and micro scopichematuria.
21) Other authors also found that the frequency of microscopic hematuria was similar in those with DN and NDRD (Isolated and superimposed).
A Japanese study by Tone showed that microscopic hematuria had lower sensitivity and specificity for the prediction of NDRD compared with the other parameters, suggesting that microscopic hematuria is not a good predictor of NDRD.
Positive predictive value of Absence of retinopathy, In the prediction of NDRD is 84.