NDRENorwegian Defence Research Establishment
NDRENatural Disaster Response Exercise
NDRENational Director of Rider Education (Gold Wing Road Riders Association)
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A NDRE Villas-Boas claims his Chelsea bosses really would have lost the plot if he ended up being judged on the outcome of tomorrow's Barclays Premier League clash at Manchester United.
MANDREAM [right arrow] ANDREA REGISTER [right arrow] EGISTE [right arrow] NDRE [right arrow] GIST REMOTIVER [right arrow] EMOTIVE REQUITER [right arrow] EQUITE [right arrow] MOTIV [right arrow] QUIT REVERSER [right arrow] EVERSE REVISITER [right arrow] EVISITE [right arrow] VERS (W2) [right arrow] VISIT REVOLUTER [right arrow] EVOLUTE SESTERNES [right arrow] ESTERNE [right arrow] VOLUT [right arrow] STERN STRUMPETS [right arrow] TRUMPET SUSPICASUS [right arrow] [right arrow] RUMPE [USPICASU] [right arrow] SPICAS [right arrow] PICA It may be possible to derive other words from some of the above sequences by using of the reverse words as new starting points, to form a tree: however, this would not conform the concept of successive peeling from one root word.
The Company's trading symbol on Nasdaq's OTC Bulletin Board is NDRE.