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NDRINational Dairy Research Institute
NDRINational Disease Research Interchange
NDRINorepinephrine and Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor
NDRINational Development and Research Institutes, Inc
NDRINaval Dental Research Institute
NDRINatural Disaster Reduction Initiative
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The information related to fertility of Murrah buffaloes was obtained from records maintained at Dairy Cattle Breeding Division and Artificial Breeding Research Centre of NDRI, Karnal.
Funded by World Bank, it was a joint project by Sher-i-Kashmir Agriculture University for Science and technology (SKAUST) and NDRI.
Programming experts from the NDRI project team conducted a sequence of instruction, lectures, demonstrations, clinical case conferences and clinical consultation to raise staff competencies and launch new program activities.
But NDRI would like to hear from anyone who is HIV positive and willing to donate--either after surgery, or in case of death--and can answer questions about current needs and research projects.
Some 20,000 tissues pass through NDRI each year to about 500 scientists, at about 250 of the finest university-based research centers.
2% of the selected Karan Fries male calves, at NDRI herd, were disposed due to poor growth rate and diseases.
PHILADELPHIA -- NDRI announced today it will host a groundbreaking conference with leading national and international scientists who will identify for the first time discoveries of new types of diabetes and explore promising new treatment therapies for diabetes patients.
Leinweber comes to NDRI in Philadelphia with over 25 years of experience in leadership positions advocating for the advancement of medical and health research, as well as public health.
The scientists at NDRI, in Haryana's Karnal, have already started the process for patenting the technology to manufacture this low- calorie naturally carbonated functional dairy beverage.
The first cloned buffalo calf of the world was born in NDRI on June 6, 2009 with the indigenous techniques developed by us.
Experimental animals Forty five cycling Murrah buffaloes (2nd-5th parity) were selected from NDRI (National Dairy Research Institute) herd for various sets of experiments.
Patients or families can contact NDRI or CURE to donate tissue when they plan surgery or at the time of death.