NDRRANatural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements (Australia)
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The Queensland Government secured funding from the Commonwealth Government through the NDRRA Determination 2011 offering a partial reimbursement of actual expenses (McClelland, 2011).
The NDRRA plan includes the sharing of 50 or 75% of expenses with the Queensland Government in recovery and reconstruction based on thresholds which are calculated on state revenue for 2011/2012.
Funds for NDRRA originate from consolidated revenue and the amount funded varies every year (Biggs, 2012).
9 billion was paid by the Commonwealth Government under the NDRRA regime (Carter, 2012; Senate Economics References Committee, 2011, 1-3).
In 2011, an amendment to NDRRA required states to insure for natural disasters or otherwise lose NDRRA funding (Biggs, 2012).
The amendment to the 2011 NDRRA also required states to have implemented natural disaster mitigation strategies and to participate in Commonwealth-promoted disaster mitigation programs to be eligible to claim reimbursements, as a form of insurance (McClelland, 2011).
NDRRA assistance includes personal hardship and distress assistance, concessional interest rate loans of up to $250,000 and freight subsidies of up to $5000, Tier 1 clean up recovery grants of up to $5000 and Tier 2 grants of up to $20,000 for primary producers and small businesses.
We will continue to monitor the situation and will extend assistance under the NDRRA to other affected communities as required.
Id like to thank the Commonwealth and Queensland government for their funding commitment under the NDRRA for the restoration of this important community asset.
83 million is being provided through the Palaszczuk Governments Building our Regions program and $850,000 is being provided through the jointly funded Commonwealth-State NDRRA Category D program.
Speaking to a Budget Estimates hearing in Brisbane today, the Premier said the Turnbull Governments management of NDRRA was confusing.
I am advised officers of the Queensland Reconstruction Authority had been contact by the Emergency Management Australia yesterday, after the NDRRA Category D decision, to ask for further information about the damage at Shute Harbour in Whitsunday Regional Council, Ms Palaszczuk said.