NDRSNational Distress and Response System
NDRSNew Delhi Railway Station
NDRSNordic Drag Racing Series
NDRSNotre Dame Regional Secondary School (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
NDRSNotre Dame Regional School (various locations)
NDRSNational Digital Radio Service
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Type-II: NDRS in the production process and NIRS in the service process:
Type-III: NIRS in the production process and NDRS in the service process:
Basic amenities such as an adequate number of staircases, ramps for the disabled and clean toilets are also missing at the NDRS.
Two intensivists were trained to rate delirium according to NDRS (Table 1) and they carried out daily structured interviews lasting approximately 10 minutes with the patients from admission until ICU discharge.
NDRS is a ten-item, observer-rated scale with probe questions.
We assessed the usefulness of the NDRS developed by Aydemir et al.
On the other hand, NDRS is a well-structured scale that questions the cognitive abilities individually and intensivists could assess the patients easily by using these clear definitions and assessment of sleep-wake cycle, diurnal variation and lability of mood are the superiority of this tool over CAM-ICU.
The decision to participate was approved by the general assembly following a debate on the merits of participation, NDRS members said.
The elections are a national challenge in light of the difficulties surrounding political activism and the decision to contest in them was taken to reinforce the presence of the NDRS at the core of the nation's issues," the society said.
Currently, NDRS cannot hear distress calls along about 14 percent of the U.