NDSCNational Down Syndrome Congress
NDSCNetwork for the Detection of Stratospheric Change
NDSCNational Disease Surveillance Centre (Dublin, Ireland)
NDSCNorth Dakota Soybean Council
NDSCNational Data and Statistical Center (Craig Hospital; Englewood, CO)
NDSCNeerim District Secondary College (Victoria, Australia)
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We are very excited about our relationship with the ACR," said Michael Mardini, CEO, NDSC.
For example, Great Dragon's largest and second largest shareholders, PTIC and NDSC, had very different understandings about how to set up an effective corporate governance structure for the company.
The NDSC spokesperson added: "It is twice as deadly as tetanus toxin and 12 times deadlier than rattlesnake venom.
In order to support these specialty consultations within both the ordering workflow in the EHR and within the radiologist's reporting workflow, Nuance and NDSC have developed a communications channel between PowerScribe360 and ACR Select.
Ensuring physicians have a positive experience with AUC is critical to adoption," said Bob Cooke, VP of marketing, NDSC.
An NDSC spokesman said: "This is an important development, particularly in the context of any potential deliberate release of biological agents.
High risk sex in clubs and pubs was blamed for the outbreak and an NDSC study found that some people were having casual sexual encounters at least twice a week with partners they didn't know.
NDSS applauds the efforts of NDSC and Global in getting this pamphlet out to women and families.
We've seen widespread deployments across health systems and imaging groups in a number of states, including Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, South Carolina, New York, Connecticut and Virginia," said Michael Mardini, CEO, NDSC.
The NDSC said there was still a strong number of syphilis cases following the outbreak between 2000 and 2002.
The NDSC says addicts may be at risk regardless of whether they have been immunised.