NDSDNational Depression Screening Day
NDSDNorth Dakota School for the Deaf
NDSDNorthwest Disaster Search Dogs (Richmond, WA)
NDSDNorth Davis Sewer District (Syracuse, UT)
NDSDNetwork Digital Signage Display
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Moreover, 55 percent of those who initially scored "Very Likely for Depression"--the highest possible score range in the NDSD screening--were no longer in that range at the time of follow-up, and 46 percent of those who initially scored "Likely for Depression" were in the "Unlikely for Depression" range at follow-up.
professor and director of the Institute for Public Health Research at the University of Connecticut Health Center, who conducted the NDSD study "They support further development of these highly accessible and low-cost approaches to mental health intervention.
Thanks to the NDSD study, we know that online screenings for mental health have a clear value--they are able to reach a wide audience, and data suggest they are effective in leading individuals into treatment.
The goal of NDSD is to reach that portion of the population with depression who are not seeking help," said Jacobs.
Components of NDSD include both online and in-person screening tools, both of which are available for a fee.
For more information about NDSD, visit <mentalhealth screening.
All participating organizations may have their event posted on the NDSD Event Locator page--ideal for promoting an event or online screening to the public.
However, mature ear lengths did not differ between field-grown HC and LC strains selected from NDSC and NDSD (Houghton, 1988) suggesting that cob length differences at early growth stages may not persist to maturity.
NDSD (AES250 maturity), a yellow-endosperm intermediate-maturing synthetic, originated from intercrosses among 16 elite inbreds chosen for high resistance to stalk lodging (Cross, 1982).