NDSENew Delhi South Extension (neighborhood; New Delhi, India)
NDSENational Dental Specialty Examination (Canada)
NDSENew Deal Self-Employment (UK)
NDSENaturalistic Driving Study Environment (Dresden. Germany)
NDSENetwork Database Search Engine
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Mature cob widths of HC and LC strains were significantly greater than for RC strains selected from NDSE (Cross and Dosso, 1989b).
Late-maturing (AES300), NDSE, was produced by four generations of back-crossing the o2 gene into four early-maturing inbreds and intermating the inbreds (Cross and Dosso, 1989a).
Selection for HC and LC increased mature cob widths compared with RC in NDSE (Cross and Dosso, 1989b).
NDSE plants grew more and wider leaves and larger leaf areas than NDSC plants.
The HC, in contrast to RC and LC, selections produced wider and longer ears only in NDSE.
The LNI7040 NDSE device seamlessly interfaces with industry-leading network processors, such as those offered by C-Port, Entridia, Intel, MMC, and Vitesse, via Lara's LNI8010 Network Database Coprocessor.
The LNI7040 is backward compatible with Lara's previous-generation NDSEs, providing an easy migration path for customers to utilize this faster and denser device.
Ensuring design compatibility between our NDSE devices and Entridia's ASICs provides very high-performance packet forwarding solutions for our customers," said Jayan Ramankutty, founder, president, and COO of Lara Networks.
Associative Processing Technology, NDSE, and Lara Networks are trademarks of Lara Networks Inc.
Lara Networks' are among various search engines that have passed rigorous compatibility testing with Entridia's wire-speed packet forwarding ASICs; because Lara Networks' NDSEs provide deterministic latency, customers can easily expand route and flow table densities using one or more devices without sacrificing full line-rate processing speeds.