NDSFNational Defense Sealift Fund (US Navy budget appropriation)
NDSFNational Deep Submergence Facility
NDSFNon-Dispersion Shifted Fiber (fiber optics)
NDSFNorth Dakota State Fair
NDSFNational Drug Strategic Framework (Australia)
NDSFNew Defence and Security Forces (South Africa)
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Diving to 4,500 meters, Alvin allowed us to reach 63 percent of the ocean; we wanted to reach 98 percent," said Dan Fornari, chief scientist for the NDSF from 1993 to 2004.
Estimates of the instantaneous rate of total mortality (Z) were obtained from catch-at-age data from the NDSF.
Pristipomoides multidens were fully recruited to the commercial fishery in the NDSF by age 6.
The apparent low survival rate for released fish in the fishing depths of the NDSF fleet indicates that the traditional use of legal minimum sizes to increase survival to spawning sizes and hence increase overall yields is not a practical option.
However the highly mobile, efficient, and wide-ranging capacity of the NDSF fleet may require more complex management arrangements to maintain future breeding stock levels.
If only $12 billion per annum flowed into the NDSF it could soon transform the state of our social infrastructure, raise productivity and increase economic growth and employment.
The Society of Floristry also runs its own high level qualifications ICSF and NDSF and there is also an HND in Floristry that covers information technology, business, finance, marketing and/or science.
The Petco grant means that NDSF can accelerate its work to meet the need for search dog/handler teams in the United States.