NDSFNational Defense Sealift Fund (US Navy budget appropriation)
NDSFNational Deep Submergence Facility
NDSFNon-Dispersion Shifted Fiber (fiber optics)
NDSFNorth Dakota State Fair
NDSFNational Drug Strategic Framework (Australia)
NDSFNew Defence and Security Forces (South Africa)
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Diving to 4,500 meters, Alvin allowed us to reach 63 percent of the ocean; we wanted to reach 98 percent," said Dan Fornari, chief scientist for the NDSF from 1993 to 2004.
shifted from the NDSF account to the SCN account, that some funds
in the NDSF budget request are now not required to execute the AFSB
The objectives of this study were to: (i) estimate the realized direct response from one cycle of bidirectional phenotypic selection for NDSF concentration, (ii) evaluate association of NDSF concentration with other forage quality traits, and (iii) determine the impact of selection for NDSF concentration on IVDMD of alfalfa.
Unidirectional or bidirectional selection for pectin concentration, estimated by NDSF concentration, was applied to five alfalfa experimental populations: NY9515, NY9916, NY9913, NY9915, and NY0042.
Estimates of the instantaneous rate of total mortality (Z) were obtained from catch-at-age data from the NDSF.
Pristipomoides multidens were fully recruited to the commercial fishery in the NDSF by age 6.
If only $12 billion per annum flowed into the NDSF it could soon transform the state of our social infrastructure, raise productivity and increase economic growth and employment.
No information is available on estimating NDSF in alfalfa for breeding purposes.
Senate shifts funds from NDSF to Navy shipbuilding, cuts $170 mn in advance procurement due to delay Intratheater Connector, Navy -- Outfitting -- Service Craft -- LCAC Service Life Extension -- Prior Year Shipbuilding -- National Defense Sealift Fund T-AKE Cargo Ship House adds $278 mn in advance procurement for two additional ships Maritime Prepositioning Force House moves funds to Navy R&D R&D Total Navy Ships -- Army Joint High Speed Vessel, Army -- Sources: CRS from Department of Defense Comptroller, "Procurement Programs, (P-1), Fiscal Year 2009," February, 2008; Department of Defense Comptroller, "RDT&E Programs, (R-1), Fiscal Year 2009," February, 2008; House Armed Services Committee, "Report to Accompany H.
Breeding for NDSF has been considered an alternative strategy for developing alfalfa with superior quality characteristics (Hatfield, 1996; Van Soest, 1995; Viands, 1995a, 1995b).
Cross and Mostafavi (1994) reported that HC, compared with LC, strains showed increased RDMA but tended to have decreased effective filling periods in both NDSF and NDSD.