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Snow drought of 2015 over the northwestern United States is shown by Climate Engine-generated maps for Dec 2014-Mar 2015 (a) SPI, (b) EDDI, and (c) MODIS NDSI anomalies relative to 2000-15 averages.
Data (a) Variables (b,c) Spatial Temporal resolution resolution Satellite Landsat-4, LST, NDVI, EVI, 30-120 m 16 days -5, -7, -8 NDSI, NDWI, top-of-atmosphere NBRT, TC, FC, and surface Blue, Green reflectance Aqua-Terral LST, NDVI, EVI, 500-1000 m 8-16 days MODIS NDSI, BAI, NDWI, FSC AVHRR Pathfinder SST 4 km Daily Climate gridMET T, Rs, q, Td, 4 km Daily U, E[T.
las imagenes obtenidas a partir del NDSI y el ratio imagen se binarizaron con el programa Image j; correspondiendo un valor 1 para hielo y cero para otros elementos.
Tomando en cuenta las Figuras 5 y 6, el metodo del ratio imagen 4/5 resulto mejor que el NDSI para discriminar o separar sombras de nubes, esto es corroborado por Vargas et al.
Our assessment involved: 1) collection of ground data within historically used winter caribou habitats on the BIC during May 2003, calibration of an NDSI threshold and estimation of SCA from usable Landsat scenes; 2) assessment of variation in estimated SCA between study areas, between years and during snow melt; 3) comparison of snow data from Resolute Bay (sensu Miller & Gunn 2003) with our estimates of Landsat-derived SCA; and 4) a review of Landsat data during April and May from 1993 to 2003 to assess the availability of useful scenes every year or two.
To detect snow cover, a NDSI was derived for each reflectance image using Landsat bands 2 (i.
To assess the extent to which NDSI data represent actual snow conditions, we calculated the mean NDSI values for the calibration plots in the CI and VR areas using Landsat data from 30 April 2003.
To assess differences in SCA between the five NDSI images, we created a polygon delineating each of the CI, VR and WPS study areas, resulting in 15 NDSI data sets.
La combinacion de estos dos rasgos espectrales se recoge en el conocido indice NDSI (Normalized Difference Snow Index) (Dossier, 1989), el cual es una extension del conocido indice normalizado de vegetacion (NDVI).
Se ha encontrado que los pixeles con un contenido superior al 50% en cobertura de nieve, poseen valores de NDSI mayores que o iguales a 0.
En general la nieve presenta unos valores mucho mayores de NDSI que otros tipos de superficies siendo este el primer criterio para establecer la presencia del glacial.
We at NDSI are excited about this joint venture with Sandata to pioneer a total integration of telephony and home care software.