NDSTCNaval Diving and Salvage Training Center
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Once the dive site is established, other nations will likely want to send their personnel to NDSTC for the benefits it will offer for their diving programs.
And Company A is literally building a landmark; a brick and mortar engineer castle is being erected outside of the newest NDSTC physical training building.
Thanks to the training that the Army provides its dive candidates at Fort Leonard Wood and the NDSTC, the most qualified dive candidates pass the course and join the ranks of the Army dive field.
Military AcademyWest Point, New York, and is a graduate of the Joint Diving Officer Course at NDSTC and the Sapper Leader Course.
Sailors who attend NDSTC right after "A" school, along with some others, don't get a chance to be Mud Puppies.
Computer-based courses will be a prerequisite for all basic dive courses at NDSTC.
Although the dive helmets used in contemporary Army missions are more advanced, all Army divers still learn the 100-year-old line-pull language during their courses at NDSTC in case of a communications failure.