NDTINondestructive Testing & Inspection
NDTINational Driver Training Institute (Colorado Springs, CO)
NDTINormalized Difference Temperature Index (agricultural research)
NDTINational Drug Therapeutic Index
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Based on the results from the NDTI, we purchased monthly, county-level prescriptions-filled data for 1999-2003 for the aforementioned drugs classes contained in IMS Health's Xponent[TM] database.
In other words, the NRF is conceived to become a vehicle for the NDTI, nee DCI.
NDTI data thus provide information that permits us to compare the drugs prescribed for use by the elderly with those prescribed for younger patients, including differences involving brands versus generics.
First, assuming for the moment that, within each of the therapeutic classes, old and young face the same prices (an assumption we relax in the next section), we multiply the BLS therapeutic class quantity weights by the relative old-versus-young proportions of 1996 new prescriptions, based on NDTI data.
1] Sibley County (% Area) Model Band or Index Tillage Observed Estimated I TM5 Conservation 37 28 Conventional 41 48 II R15 Conservation 37 49 Conventional 41 27 III M15 Conservation 37 26 Conventional 41 51 IV D35 Conservation 37 43 Conventional 41 33 V STI Conservation 37 14 Conventional 41 63 VI NDTI Conservation 37 13 Conventional 41 63 Model % Error [*] I -23 +17 II +34 -34 III -30 +23 IV +18 -19 V -63 52 VI -64 53
Headquartered in Monmouth County, NJ, NDTI provides optical and wireless design software for next generation network simulation, modeling and economic forecasting.
In connection with the formation of NDTI, Gail Lalk has been appointed Acting President.
The full set of test results are available via anonymous FTP to NDTI.