NDVNewcastle Disease Virus
NDVNumber of Distinct Values (statistics)
NDVNASP Derived Vehicle
NDVNegative Delta V (battery voltage indicator)
NDVNo Directional Variation (meteorology and aviation)
NDVNational Disabled Veterans
NDVNo Delay of Vessel
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The resistance to challenge with NDV virulent strains exhibited by chickens that display low levels of systemic antibodies is a frequent observation, meaning that systemic immunity is not enough and that local immune response (both cell mediated and humoral) is required for full protection [12, 20].
Effect of aqueous herbal extracts and probiotic on antibody response of broilers to NDV vaccine to anti-NDV-HI antibody Titre.
Constancia Diaz, chief of the Department of Agriculture regional animal disease diagnostic laboratory, said results of tests on blood samples showed the NDV had killed the chickens in Pangasinan, La Union and Ilocos Sur.
Now, in a recent study, Yu used reverse genetics technology, which allowed him to generate new vaccines by inserting a gene from the ILTV virus into the NDV LaSota strain.
7-Virulent NDV challenge of experimental chickens VelogeniclocalfieldNDVisolateobtainedfrom Department of Microbiology, University Of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore, was used as challenge virus.
About 50,000 chickens died from NDV, and a further 190,000 were culled as a precaution -- mostly in the Nicosia district farms.
He recalled Turkish Cypriot press reports in the past week about NDV incidents in Morphou area, noting that the premises in the government-controlled areas that have been affected border this area.
The authors reiterate that NDV is attractive as a treatment because, while it causes a serious disease in poultry, it is virtually harmless in humans.
But the Philippine Animal Health Center (PAHC) had confirmed that it was the NDV which caused the death of chickens in Pangasinan, La Union and Ilocos Norte, according to Dr.
Additional characteristics of thermostable NDV I-2 vaccines like easy adaptability and applicability which make them more suitable used in rural areas of Pakistan (Mahmood et al.
Birds (randomly selected)from each group were challenged with very virulent field NDV to check protection against challenge, which showed 75% protection in both imported and experimental vaccine inoculated groups.