NDVNewcastle Disease Virus
NDVNumber of Distinct Values (statistics)
NDVNASP Derived Vehicle
NDVNegative Delta V (battery voltage indicator)
NDVNo Directional Variation (meteorology and aviation)
NDVNational Disabled Veterans
NDVNo Delay of Vessel
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Afonso, veterinary medical officer Patti Miller, and their colleagues in SEPRL's Exotic and Emerging Avian Viral Diseases Research Unit have developed an NDV vaccine-evaluation procedure that could help settle this discrepancy.
Is atliktu tyrimu matyti, kad nusodinimo sekcijoje (1-4 taskai) pavirsiniu nuoteku drumstumas svyruoja 77,87-83,85 NDV.
As the struggle between NDPVF and NDV indicated, however, militants seek not only to benefit ethnic minorities but also to profit from illegal activity.
Pathogenic NDV causes economically important Newcastle disease (ND) in birds of various species, worldwide (14).
Now, in a recent study, Yu used reverse genetics technology, which allowed him to generate new vaccines by inserting a gene from the ILTV virus into the NDV LaSota strain.
About 50,000 poultry died from NDV, and a further 190,000 were culled -- mostly in the Nicosia district farms.
AIVs and Newcastle disease virus (NDV) are the 2 most common viruses that infect poultry in Bangladesh; therefore, all of the influenza-positive samples that were subtyped and used in this study were screened again for H9N2, H5N1, and NDV to determine whether a single host species was co-infected with AIV and NDV.
He also clarified that the premises in which the NDV was spotted were in Kokkinotrimithia area and not Mammari, both in Nicosia district.
Blood samples were collected from one bird from each pen (eight birds from each treatment) on the 40th d of age to study the LPR and antibody titres against NDV.
In 1963, he heard about a poultry farmer who underwent a spontaneous remission of stage IV gastric cancer after NDV ravaged his chicken flock.
NDV, a contagious bird disease affecting wild and domestic avian species, was first found in three farms in Nicosia's Kokkinotrimithia farming zone in mid June.