NDVINormalized Difference Vegetation Index
NDVINormalized Digital Vegetation Index
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Resultados del NDVI para cada zona estudiada el 3 de abril, donde la imagen de la derecha presenta cultivo de cana de azucar y la imagen de la izquierda cultivo de pina
5c illustrates the 30-m-pixel-resolution Landsat-8 NDVI anomaly from 18 July to 22 September 2016 relative to the Landsat-5, -7, and -8 climatology (1984-2015), clearly highlighting the burned area as regions of decreased vegetation greenness.
We estimated the difference in average outcome scores associated with one interquartile range (IQR) increase (based on all study participants) in average lifetime NDVI or VCF at 4-5 y or 7 y.
Os valores do NDVI podem variar entre -1 e 1, sendo positivos quando os alvos sao rochas, solos descobertos e vegetacao.
The relationship between PCI and NDVI was observed by Feyisa, Dons and Meilby (2014), the authors found that intensive coverage of trees (in this case, NDVI data) led to a cooling, significantly greater at all times of the day.
In order to compensate for the negative effect of cloud cover on the quality of the NDVI layers, we combined these layers in bimonthly periods while maximizing confidence with the support of cell "reliability" layers provided by MODIS.
SPOT NDVI data were downloaded through the VEGETATION Program (http://www.
Correlation maps combining the NIR range with wavelengths other than blue for NDVI (normalized difference vegetation index) were shown to explain the chlorophyll content quite well.