NDVINormalized Difference Vegetation Index
NDVINormalized Digital Vegetation Index
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eastern), NDVI, elevation, annual precipitation, annual mean temperature, and annual range of temperature were examined for association with wound mold contamination on a per individual basis (Table 1).
73 Decreasing Change total Omission error Producer accuracy (%) Total Accuracy (%) Kappa coefficient (%) NDVI -1.
NDVI can be derived based on satellite bands that are most sensitive to vegetation information (near-infrared and red).
Mapping Irrigated Areas in Afghanistan over the Past Decade Using MODIS NDVI.
Here we use NDVI data from the MODIS instrument on the NASA Terra satellite (Huete et al.
Land Cover Analysis: Figure 4 illustrates the spatio temporal changes in the land cover, done by computing NDVI Table 3 explains the land cover changes, which show vegetation cover of 98.
Object based approaches in public health domain are found to be more effective than simple pixel based or NDVI based approaches; however a proper integration is desirable.
After stretching, this NDVI image was resampled to a 5 m spatial resolution using the cubic convolution method.
We used the Earth Resources Data Analysis System (ERDAS) Imagine change-detection utility to create a change image between two composite dates of data from MODIS and NDVI that span the fire in October 2005.
Relative feature recovery rates from the true and false colour composite and NDVI of the January and May spectral data.
The NDVI data that we use are computed reliably at high spatial resolution (8 [km.