NEADNon-Epileptic Attack Disorder
NEADNever Ending Altruistic Donor (kidney donation; Maumee, OH)
NEADNorfolk Education & Action for Development
NEADNorth East Abu Dhabi
NEADNew England Automobile Dealers
NEADNorthEast Aftermarket Distributing (Maine)
NEADNorth-East Academy of Dance (Oscoda, MI)
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Meador said that he--along with the NEAD study group--recommends breastfeeding for women who were already taking AEDs during pregnancy, but noted that the findings do not address those who begin taking AEDs after delivery.
Neither of these salient "social imaginaries" of exchange--gift giving or formal contract--perfectly meets the practical demands of the NEAD system.
The investigators have now followed the children in the NEAD study up to 6 years of age.
Michael Privitera, director of the Cincinnati Epilepsy Center and another of the NEAD investigators.
The NEAD study is not randomized and was not specifically designed to examine the effects of breast-feeding," he said, listing some of its limitations.
Data Source: A subanalysis of 303 pregnant women taking antiepileptic drug monotherapy in the prospective NEAD study.
Established in 1976 as an agency to train and place dogs with the hearing impaired, NEADS evolved into one of the major canine assistance agencies catering to the needs of individuals with a variety of physical disabilities.
Subaru UK Marketing Director, Kenyon Neads said: "It's clear from the number of top scores awarded to the Legacy in crash tests right around the world that it is one of the safest cars on sale today.
Founded in 1976, NEADS operates the oldest continuing hearing dog program in the country and is one of the country's largest service dog programs.
NEADS places puppies-in-training in 15 New England prisons.
Kenyon Neads , Subaru UK marketing director, said: "This sponsorship is a new development for us and fits in well with out strategy of widening our brand appeal in less traditional areas of marketing to reach our audience.
What Types of Service Dogs Does the NEADS Program Train?