NEAGNorthumberland Education Action Group (UK)
NEAGNoordhoek Environmental Action Group (South Africa)
NEAGNCS Emergency Action Group
NEAGNevada Environmental Advisory Group
NEAGNet Effect Advisory Group
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For Coun Wright's information, NEAG is a democratic organisation and a vote was taken about the London trip and approved by the NEAG executive of 15 members.
Yesterday Mr Winter, a former HGV driver, said: "Jane was very passionate about NEAG, as all the members were, and at the time it was a big part of her life.
I have been to lots of council meetings as a member of NEAG and was shocked that many councillors didn't seem to be representing their constituents properly.
NEAG admit change is necessary and are willing to accept change if it is proven to have educational benefits.
After the meeting Fiona Wilson of NEAG said: "We are still disappointed at the lack of information that was forthcoming.
Judith Lloyd, legal advisor to NEAG, is applying for a judicial review of Northumberland's Schools Organisation Plan on the grounds that parents have not been properly consulted.
NEAG chairman Joe Ronan said the extra pounds 800,000 for Cramlington reflected an inadequate budget, which had reduced a promise of state of the art learning environments to a scheme providing very basic refurbishments to schools.
NEAG is very concerned that, to date, Northumberland County Council has been unable to show that their figures are robust and sufficient to deliver the promised facilities for Cramlington schools.
NEAG chairman Joe Ronan said: "It has become clear in the last couple of days that the council do indeed intend to try and stay within this pounds 26.
But county director of strategic planning and performance Frank Jordan accused NEAG of failing to do its homework.
But yesterday it was revealed that the report into the matter said a threat Coun Davey made at the meeting to have an unnamed member of NEAG sacked for updating a website from work was "ill judged and inappropriate".