NEANNortheast Anarchist Network
NEANNebraska Energy Assistance Network (utilities)
NEANNational Education and the Arts Network (Australia)
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Voluntary Compliance Tools that ensure that schools in the NEAN system maintain brief monthly awareness status reports of their school's emergency preparedness.
NEAN incorporates a distinct form of communication that is highly valued by a subset of society so therefore there are clear and urgent imperatives to utilize SMS as a communication tool.
While the EDTECH service offers schools and districts numerous services to improve public education, the primary benefits of NEAN provides a more effective service to schools that increases safety.
In conclusion, the respondents were asked to estimate "what would the Hasmo= neans think of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state?
It was under his mother's maiden name that he wrote his first novel, Le Medecin des dames de Neans (1894; "The Doctor of the Ladies of Neans"), which anticipated Marcel Proust in style.