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NEAPSNew England Association of Personnel Services (professional group)
NEAPSNutrition Education at Primary School
NEAPSNew England Aquatic Plant Society
NEAPSNear Earth Asteroid Physical Studies (University of Western Ontario; Ontario, Canada)
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Being 24 miles east of Lundy Island, which will be the point at which higher tide levels will cease as a result of the barrage, the mean spring tides at Oxwich Bay will rise from 28ft to about 32ft and the neap tides from 13ft to about 16ft, which would, of course, dramatically reduce the expanse of sand available at full tides.
UK pie and pastry manufacturers Strathmore Foods celebrated Burns Day (Thursday 25 January) with the launch of Haggis, Neaps and Tattie Pots, a new frozen ready-made meal.
I'm able to make a cockaleekie soup, I'm OK with the haggis and even the bashed neaps.