NEARINew England Adolescent Research Institute (Holyoke, MA)
NEARINational Education Association Rhode Island (Cranston, RI)
NEARINew England Archivists of Religious Institutions (est. 1989; Brighton, MA)
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Blankenship, a teacher assistant in a North Kingstown high school work-study program, co-teaches the opening class on "Collaboration and Team Building" with NEARI President Larry Purtill.
The opportunity to help brings out the best in NEARI members like Evelyn Corey, a Middletown resident, who used funds to help a stranded immigrant family by stocking their freezer and taking the kids on outings.
Ask anyone in the state, and they know the NEARI Children's Fund," notes Felice.
For more information about starting a fund, contact Denise Felice at NEARI Children's Fund, 99 Bald Hill Rd.
NEARI leaders have been familiarizing the education community and local government with the proposal, currently before the legislature.
Current perspectives: Working with sexually aggressive youth and youth with sexual behavior problems, Holyoke, MA: NEARI Press.
But the history books have been rewritten, after it emerged that Nearis Green, one of Call's slaves, was actually the brains behind the famous brand.
It was Dan's master distiller Nearis Green, a former slave in his mid 20s who also worked the farm.
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