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NEATNon-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis
NEATNear Earth Asteroid Tracking (project)
NEATNew Enhanced at
NEATNeuroevolution of Augmenting Topologies (genetic algorithm)
NEATNeue Eisenbahn-Alpentransversale (German: New European Alpine Transit)
NEATNuclear Emergency Assistance & Training Center (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
NEATNorth European Aerospace Test Range (Sweden)
NEATNetwork of East Asian Think-Tanks
NEATNear English Assembler Translator (NCR Corp)
NEATNeue Eisenbahn Alpen Transversale (Switzerland)
NEATNetworks for Endangered Animal Tracking
NEATNutrition Education and Training (program)
NEATNational Emergency Alert for Telecoms (UK)
NEATNational Exchange for Automated Trading (Indian stock exchange)
NEATNaval Embarked Advisory Team
NEATNew England Area Theatre
NEATNeuro Emotional Anti-Sabotage Technique
NEATNice Easy And Tight
NEATnet earnings after taxes
NEATNorthampton Electric Auto Team (high school electric vehicle team)
NEATNew European Apprenticeship Tutor
NEATNASA Employee Attendance Tracking
NEATNuclear Employment Augmentation Team (DTRA)
NEATNew Employee Automated Training
NEATNaval Electronic Intelligence Analysis Terminal
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Like NEAT it sported an obvious greenish tinge, with a coma that was, to the naked eye, almost a dead ringer for the globular cluster Omega Centauri, and it had a faint but definite tail.
Physical activity--comprised of exercise (sports and fitness activities) and NEAT.
Included in the Neat Ideas catalog mix are a hand-carved Zebra Bowl for $29.
They take a high level of pride in keeping their home neat and clean.
as Neat, who suffered brain damage in a childhood accident, and Woodard's widowed grandmother leave their home in Georgia to come live with Woodard's parents and their five children.
Although the plasticized compounds show lower hysteresis than the neat zinc sulfonated EPDM, the compound containing DMSO shows lower hysteresis than the compound containing paraffinic oil.
Timothy Neat is an art historian and film-maker who has also written an operatic libretto about Mackintosh.
Being on a network is really neat," says Pease student Elizabeth Rainwater, "because you can talk to just about anybody you want.
But studies of the relationship between personality anddisease do not paint such a neat picture, say psychologists Howard S.
The Damned's hits include Neat Neat Neat and Smash It Up, and the immortal New Rose was recently voted one of the best punk songs ever.
US-based canned alternative vegetable based protein products producer Atlantic Natural Foods has concluded the acquisition of Neat Foods, LLC to add to its line of shelf-stable protein-based healthy meat alternatives, the company said.