NEAqNew England Aquarium (Boston, MA, USA)
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At the NEAq, a more portable exhibit was set up near the entrance of the aquarium.
The study suggests that the low level of genetic variation in the small North Atlantic right whale population may partly explain its low reproduction rate, said Moira Brown and Rosalind Rolland at NEAq.
For the second study, scientists from NEAq, Trent, and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution traveled to remote regions of eastern Canada to search for old bones left behind by Basque whaling.
NEAQ has also obtained the limited right to open or franchise additional "Jazz Audio and Stereo" stores provided that New England bears all costs and issues 50,000 shares of its common stock to Mr.
NEAq received a $50,000 grant today from the Verizon Foundation to enhance the organization's summer internship program.
The NEAq Teen Internship Program, which was formalized in 1992, is one of the largest employers of summer jobs for teens in Boston.
com, for Ocean Futures Society; or Tony LaCasse of NEAQ, +1-617-973-5213, tlacasse@neaq.