NEBFNew England Biolabs Foundation (est. 1982)
NEBFNational Electrical Benefit Fund
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Kevin Justh, ULLICO; David kevine, The Chetrit Group; Mark McAllister, NEBF Real Estate
His wife was the NEBF secretary, and the two were renowned as a formidable partnership.
NREA is a third-party real estate investment management and advisory firm which is wholly-owned by NEBF, a multi-billion dollar, multi-employer, defined benefit pension plan that provides retirement and related benefits to employees in the electrical construction Industry.
NEBF '03 is sponsored by New Equipment Digest, Material Handling Management, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, and Occupational Hazards.
O'Connor, Secretary-Treasurer of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and a Trustee of the NEBF expressed their delight that the NEBF was able to help make 33 Arch Street a reality.
This project is a prime example of what the NEBF hopes to accomplish through real estate investing.
AMLI at Seven Bridges will be a solid addition to the NEBF real estate portfolio," said Jeremiah O'Connor, NEBF Trustee and Secretary-Treasurer of the IBEW.
based NEBF is an active equity investor in all-union-built projects nationally.
In addition to the debt restructuring, the NEBF has agreed to provide a $12.
Benton, chairman and chief executive officer of Ramtron, and NEBF are the company's principal stockholders.