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NEBRNebraska (old style)
NEBRNational Epidermolysis Bullosa Registry
NEBRNuclear Emergency Briefing Room (United Kingdom)
NEBRNew England Build and Restore, Inc.
NEBRNorth East Bracket Racing (online forum)
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NEBR goes as far as saying that "movement out of the agricultural sector has been responsible for growth and poverty reduction in Africa.
This is because the services sector in Sub-Saharan Africa is unlikely to be an engine of sustained productivity growth over the long run," NEBR warned.
Interestingly, NEBR says that the agricultural employment share is falling faster in countries that started with a higher share of the labor force engaged in agriculture, as well as those countries that have already achieved at least one of the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Program (CDP) targets (which, incidentally, are a big part of WEF's recent report).