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NEBRANetworking for Ethics on Biomedical Research in Africa
NEBRANortheast Beauty Representatives Association
NEBRANew England Buick Racing Association (New Hampshire)
NEBRANortheast Biosolids and Residuals Association
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Blasco de Nebra, Falla, Granados and Albeniz, among others, are extraordinary composers.
As is often the case nowadays, the Nebra disc was not found by archaeologists but by two treasure hunters in the summer of 1999.
Contract notice: School transport (mainly children with learning difficulties) to schools within the blk - region naumburg / nebra / zeitz / white rock for the school year 2015/2016; lot 1 to 14.
Cave and open-air sites comprising the Late Magdalenian lithic technology associated with portable, naturalistic engraved portrayals of animals and schematic female figurines and engravings stretch out over a considerable portion of western and central Europe: from France with Gare de Couze in Dordogne (Otte 1990: 193) and Abri Murat, Lot (Lorblanchet & Welte 1990: 47), in the south-west; Germany with Gonnersdorf (Bosinski & Fischer 1974) and Nebra (Mania 1999: Plate 80) in the north; to Pekarna, Moravia (Absolon 1949), in the Czech Republic, in the south-east; and Wilczyce in Poland (Fiedorczuk & Schild 2002), farthest to the east.
Contract notice: School transport (disabled) to special schools outside the blk - region naumburg / nebra / zeitz / white rock for the school year 2015/2016; lot 1 bis.
Andrew was a lively and influential director of Antiquity, someone to whom we turned for advice, enthusiasm, opinion, anecdote, perspicacity and persiflage--on subjects ranging from digital publication to the Nebra disk.
The next step in this context is the conference on the Nebra hoard (February 2005 in Halle), and a new multi-million Euro research project focusing on Central German Early Bronze Age centres, with famous graves such as Leubingen and Helmsdorf.
The so-called sky-disk (himmelsscheibe) of Nebra is one of the most remarkable objects to have come to public notice in recent years, and we hope to feature a full description shortly by the team who are studying it, led by Professor Ernst Pernicka of the Institute of Archaeometry at Freiberg and Dr Harald Meller of the State Museum for Prehistory at Halle.
The Abwasserzweckverband Unstrut fin in Nebra intends to partially extend or renew as well as to realize the transition of wastewater from Kahlwinkel about Saubach to Bad Bibra for central treatment plant Lauchagrund facilities for the local drainage system in the local documents Saubach and Kahlwinkel.
The paper considered that one of the most vital achievements taken by the Kingdom in fighting drugs is Nebras project launched by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Premier, Minister of Interior and Chairman of National Anti-Narcotics Committee.
Part-owned by Qatar Holding, Nebras Power, has offered to acquire Taqa s 50 per cent interest in the Lakefield wind power plant in Minnesota.
The president of the Republic of Djibouti, Ismail Omar Guelleh, has met with Qatar's ambassador to Djibouti Jassim bin Jaber Jassim Sorour and the delegation of Qatar Development Fund (QDF) and Nebras Power Company.