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NECANational Electrical Contractors Association
NECANational Exchange Carrier Association
NECANational Electrical and Communications Association (Australia)
NECANational Electricity Code Administrator (Australia)
NECANational Employment Counseling Association
NECANational Energy Conservation Association (Canada)
NECANational Educational Computing Association
NECANippon Educational Computing Association
NECANavajo Engineering Construction Authority
NECANew England Cemetery Association
NECANational Export Control Application
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Not only that, Southwire Tools & Equipment launched 15 new products at this year's NECA Show and also recently acquired Seatek - a made in U.
Building quality made engraving machines for over 32 years, Vision brings their engraving expertise to NECA.
It is an ominous sign that Labour leaders on the NECA would rather discuss matters in private rather than openly in public.
Absolute Staffing employees, who are not licensed electricians, erected electrical components such as racks, rails and conduit of the solar photovoltaic facility with assistance from unlicensed Patriot Solar counterparts, NECA alleged.
Mike Cuthbertson, Regional Senior Director for GVA said We are delighted to have adopted NECA as our favoured charity here in the North-east.
If the company affiliate does not provide its own headend, the transport of the video signals from the distant headend to the affiliate may be provisioned on a regulated basis under the NECA tariff.
With the industry debate surrounding access charges steadily heating up, NECA continues to play an important role in ensuring that rural providers' needs are not overlooked.
NECA president Ron Murdock of Insulectro (insulectro.
More than 2,000 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year from accidents involving electrical outlets, according to the Consumer and Product Safety Commission, which endorsed the NECA program.
NECA prepares and justifies tariffs and distributes revenues on behalf of its member companies in much the same way that AT&T did prior to divestiture.
Meanwhile, NECA is committed to identifying and pursuing other infringing activity.
It comes as the NECA bids to take control of bus services in Tyne and Wear under a Quality Contract Scheme (QCS).