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NECCONew England Confectionery Company
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Compared with NECCO, Boston University's School of Communication offered a more diverse selection of journalism classes--ethics, communications law, the history of journalism.
The Ice Creme malts product was purposely launched under the PAAS brand," Scott says, noting that NECCO also has malted milk eggs under its Might Malts brand.
NECCO will make a donation to The Greater Boston Food Bank in its support to end hunger in Eastern Massachusetts.
These well-recognized and highly regarded brand families include NECCO Wafers[R], Sweethearts[R], Mary Jane[R], Haviland[R], Mighty Malts[R] Malted Milk Balls, Candy House[R], Skybar[R] and Clark[R].
With 2005 sales of approximately US$80 million, NECCO operates plants in Revere, Mass.
NECCO operates three plants, which are located in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Louisiana.
In 1866, Daniel Chase, brother of Oliver Chase, who founded NECCO in 1847, invented the process, which allows the sayings to be printed directly on the candy.
NECCO is adding four more sayings for 2002, including "WHAT'S UP," which was the leading contender among letters received at NECCO from school children across the country.
Taking its cue from Arthur Clarke's 2001 - A Space Odyssey, NECCO selected a group of new Sweetheart sayings that pay tribute to the limitless nature of love and illustrate how people everywhere show each other they care.
Bailey also served as president and chief executive officer for NECCO, a consolidator in the environmental industry.