NECINew England Culinary Institute (since 1980; Montpelier and Essex, Vermont)
NECINational Electrical Contractors Ireland (UK)
NECINational Education Consulting, Inc. (legal education company; Canada)
NECINational Economic Conduct Inspectorate (Zimbabwe)
NECINational Emergency Communications Institute
NECINational Education Centers, Inc. (Chestnut Hill, MA)
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NECI prepared Trevino well to take on the cooking and the business side of the competitive, pressure-filled atmosphere of world-class cookery.
Not being one to "rest on his laurels", he is planning to take the next level of ACF exams in March, and will also soon attend an ACF "train-the-trainer" session to become an ACF trainer at NECI.
Molinaro will attend an ACF "train-the-trainer" session so he can become an ACF trainer at NECI (www.
Founded in 1980, NECI has grown from one academic program to seven programs and from one restaurant to multiple food service outlets.
The culinary world beckoned and Corry went on to graduate with distinction from NECI in 2001.
The NECI product is definitely helping one VoIP provider understand the quality of service offered to their customers.
Stroup continued, "Now that we have made substantial progress on the funding and NECI fronts, we look forward to finalizing our plans with respect to CAS Communications and to make comparable progress in bringing its products to market next year.
NECI was founded in 1980 in Vermont with a unique educational model featuring learn-by-doing training in real life situations.
The Agreement grants INTL exclusive distribution rights for NECI's products, including their proprietary Network Assurance System software product, that NECI expects to be available in Q1 2004.
NECI will integrate Psytechnics' PESQ (Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality) and ASTS (Artificial Speech-like Test Stimulus) products into its Network Assurance System solution.
Subsidiary NECI Signs Exclusive Pacific Rim Product-Distribution Agreement SFM004 12/01/2003 08:05 r f bc-CA-ImagiWorks-Palm (SAN MATEO) ImagiProbe(TM) 3.