NECMNew England Conservatory of Music
NECMNorth End Community Ministry (Grand Rapids, MI)
NECMNon-Equilibrium Capacitance Method
NECMNew England Carousel Museum (Bristol, CT)
NECMNavigation Error Covariance Matrix
NECMNST (Netcentric Systems Test) Evaluation Capability Module (Visense)
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Since graduating from NECM she has been freelancing as a musician in the Boston area.
For the current day, the associations of temperature with NECM and CM were relatively slight when the temperature was between 0 and 20[degrees]C and then increased quickly, but at lags of 1 and 2 days, the associations first decreased and then leveled off or slightly increased.
3]) for RHA and REV, but adverse temperature effects appeared for NECM and CM when P[M.
10] modified the effects of temperature on RHA and CM at all lags, but modified the effects of temperature on NECM at lags of 0 and 2 days and CHA at lag 2, marginally at lag 0.