NEDCONational Enterprise Development Company (Trinidad and Tobago)
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Fertilab is working with NEDCO to ensure that no matter which group an entrepreneur contacts first, he or she can be connected immediately with the right services, Jaron said.
One of the tenants is ineligible for federal moving or rent funds because the tenant had moved to the Polk Street apartments after NEDCO applied for the federal acquisition monies, and they had been warned they would be displaced if NEDCO completed the purchase, Meyi- Galloway said.
NEDCO planned to launch the program this summer but hit two snags.
First - and NEDCO and city officials say, most importantly - interested food cart operators said they already were scheduled for the lucrative summer months.
They eased the restriction after NEDCO raised concerns that it would hamstring recruitment.
It's a new program, and it's just crossing t's and dotting i's, and sometimes that process takes longer than we all anticipated," said Jim McHugh, who manages the program for NEDCO.
In 2011, NEDCO started a pilot mixed-use incubation program alongside a business development services program.
Graduates of the incubation program include Red Duck Ketchup and the 100 Mile Bakery, which, while no longer part of the incubation program, still rents space from NEDCO.
The Pop-Up Restaurant Incubation Program is a shared kitchen and restaurant space that allows prospective restaurateurs to perfect their menus and adjust their recipes while operating a live restaurant from within the NEDCO facilities.
Participants must complete educational courses to qualify for the match, NEDCO OpportunityWorks Supervisor Mindy Bell said.
To qualify, households must make less than 80 percent of the median income for Lane County, or $48,550 for a family of four, according to a chart created by the Oregon IDA Initiative available on the NEDCO website.
It allocated NEDCO $167,000 to distribute this funding cycle, which started last fall, Bell said.