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NUB1NEDD8 (Neural Precursor Cell Expressed, Developmentally Down-Regulated 8) Ultimate Buster 1
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Pharmaceutical companies are already targeting other parts of the same NEDD8 pathway, and one experimental drug has entered clinical trials.
For the first time we have a compound that selectively inhibits the activation of the NEDD8 pathway," said James Brownell, Ph.
Jude discovery explains how a simple chemical link between molecules called a thioester bond acts like a switch to control the handoff of a protein called NEDD8 like a baton from one enzyme called E1 to a second enzyme called E2.
This rare ability of a single enzyme to carry out three different chemical reactions by itself is at the heart of the role E1 plays in modifying NEDD8, which is part of a family of proteins called ubiquitin-like proteins.