NEDFNew England Despair Faction
NEDFNorth East Dialogue Forum (est. 2000)
NEDFNew England Drama Festival
NEDFNational Economic Development Forum (various locations)
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The NEDF said there have been efforts to institutionalize and provide the vendors group continued livelihood opportunities but this too has not flourished because 90 percent of them were not cooperative.
The NEDF also agreed to let residents in the area utilized 6.
Through the years, NEDF has been in the forefront of helping the communities they served and there have been attempts in the past to negotiate with illegal settlers in the property but except for a few, it has been a losing proposition.
The NEDF pointed out that they had a history of development projects including among others, affordable housing, enterprise development, environment conservation and restoration, people empowerment, anti-human trafficking interventions, organic farming and many more.
The NEDF continues to work in these areas and they need funds to sustain present programs, as such the decision to lease the property to a developer that will not only provide them the necessary funding for the continued sustainability but also promises to develop the area that will greatly benefit barangay residents.