NEDLACNational Economic Development and Labour Council (South Africa)
NEDLACNational Economic Development Labour Advisory Council
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The agreed national minimum wage at NEDLAC is R20 an hour for major sectors, with the exception of sectors such as farm workers, and domestic workers among others.
To establish NEDLAC and promptly begin its work was a key decision for the new government.
The Labor Relations Act and NEDLAC organize the corporatist labor relations framework, which has had a substantial influence on the South African policy process and the development of the new legal and regulatory framework for the telecommunications sector.
The action precipitated initiatives from government and shifts on the part of business and labour that led to a successful resolution of the deadlock and the parties' differences after some further tough negotiations on NEDLAC.
As for the unions, NEDLAC traps the labor movement into perpetual discussions with the bosses.
Facilitate the creation of new SET As by eliminating the requirement that it be constituted from organized labor and organized employers and the need for nomination by NEDLAC.
The NEDLAC constituencies comprising labour, business, communities and government were tasked by President Jacob Zuma during the 2014 State of the Nation Address to address issues of low wages, wage inequalities, labour market stability, violent and protracted strikes and the issue of the National Minimum Wage.
Substantial progress is being made by NEDLAC social partners in the negotiations on Labour Relations with particular reference to labour market stability and the National Minimum Wage process on which the Panel on National Minimum Wage is scheduled to table a report to the Committee of Principals (COP) by the end of November 2016.
The WPC Programme has been managed by Productivity SA since 2003 when it was handed over from NEDLAC and has assisted approximately 1140 enterprises, employing over 50 000 employees.
Many other initiatives were also undertaken by The Presidency during the year under review, including the efforts of Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, facilitating negotiations at NEDLAC on the minimum wage and his leadership in turning around some State Owned Entities (SOEs).
Government is currently engaging on these issues with other constituencies in NEDLAC.
That is the reason why in South Africa, there is a Local Procurement Accord at NEDLAC, in which social partners (Government, Business and Labour) have committed themselves to procure locally manufactured goods and increase aggregate demand and supply in the economy, said Dr Makube.