NEDLIBNetworked European Deposit Library
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The results of NEDLIB have been published in a series of six reports (NEDLIB, n.
Acquiring the Deposit System Based on experience with the pilot system, the NEDLIB Guidelines (Steenbakkers, 2000), and the model for a Deposit System for Electronic Publications (Werf, 2000), the KB defined the requirements for its deposit system.
13) DIAS is, as required, based on the Depository System for Electronic Publications (DSEP) model as published by NEDLIB, making it the first concrete application of the OMS Reference Model (Werf, 2000).
The OAIS concept of Representation Information was further developed by NEDLIB into a specific layered model (Lupovici & Masanes, 2000).
Other archival concepts relevant to the e-Depot are the OAIS reference model and the NEDLIB model for DSEE Figure 8 depicts the relationship of the KB's e-Depot to the following concepts and models:
DSEP is the NEDLIB process model that details the functional aspects of the OAIS in a deposit system model.
The NEDLIB guidelines: Setting up a deposit system for electronic publications (NEDLIB Report Series 5).
Long-term preservation of electronic publications: The NEDLIB project.