NEDONew Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (est. 1980; Japan)
NEDONational Economic Development Office
NEDONational Eating Disorders Organization
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NEDO undertakes technology development and demonstration activities to carry out two basic missions, addressing energy and global environmental issues and enhancing industrial technology, by integrating the combined efforts of industry, academia, and government.
NEDO conducts research and development of water technologies in Japan and promotes water technologies overseas.
The ministry officials also asked NEDO executives to open an office in Turkey (besides their offices in Washington, Brussels, Paris, Beijing, Bangkok and New Delhi) by taking into consideration the growing economy and geopolitical location of Turkey.
The NEDO and two other R&D centers agreed to concentrate on "common infrastructure-like technologies.
NEDO has funded demonstrations and models of energy conservation systems throughout Asia.
Toshimichi Yamanishi, Chief Officer of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology division at NEDO, says the agency is currently working on larger PEFCs for commercial use, "As well as PEFC systems for vehicles and homes, we are in addition developing 100-200 kW stacks for use in businesses.
The plan has allocated a US$100 million budget for 2006 and authorized the government agency NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) to use that money to acquire carbon credits on behalf of the government.
With a $75,000 grant from the Mayor's Office of Community Development, San Francisco launched the nation's first NEDO for gay entrepreneurs in late October.
its main creditor bank, and other major creditors, including NEDO, which holds loans worth about 60 billion yen, the sources said, adding that METI and NEDO are expected to waive most of the loans they hold.
The school has built this system jointly funded with NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization) as part of their Industrial Use PV Field Test Program.
NEDO identified eight key steps in bringing about change:
Building on this outcome, this project will install cogeneration equipment with a similar level of efficiency as the NEDO project, and aims to provide a steady supply of power and heat that can reduce the environmental burden and contribute to the development of economic activities in the country overall.