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NEDRANational Electric Drag Racing Association
NEDRANew England Development Research Association
NEDRANational Employment Dispute Resolution Act of 2001
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Ronettes Estelle Bennett, Veronica Bennett, and Nedra Talley played Kings Heath's legendary Ritz Ballroom (left) on January 11, 1964.
Civil rights activist NedRa Bonds created My Hair, 1986, a work narrative of the role Black women's hair played in the assimilation debate and the development of identity.
Finally, Danielle Nahon and Nedra Lander provide a practitioner perspective in laying out the theoretical and philosophical framework for working with men's groups.
My best friend, for a time, when I was fourteen, was a girl named Nedra Pitts, lucky inmate of the biggest house in Galilee Hills, an upscale subdivision her father planned for prosperous church-goers like himself.
Working from Nedra Reynolds' notion of thirdspace-oriented "dwelling" and Derrick Bell's notion of "interest convergence," it identifies four race-conscious "dwelling strategies" currently employed by MSIs to promote student success.
I would like to know how food can help the body heal itself," said Nedra F.
Nedra Partners a PE firm from Taiwan is in talks to buyout 11% stake for US $8.
Survivors include a brother, Peter of Sacramento, and a sister, Nedra Crowe Evers of Sebastopol, Calif.
The deliciously cranky Queen, performed by alto Nedra Francis (Dragon/Hilda), launches a pea-driven inquisition to establish the Princess's true identity.
Craig Nicholas, quoted in the March 6, Times-Picayune, indicated that Thompson and Herbert had already robbed Larnette when Thompson forced Larnette to his girlfriend Nedra Gallow's home at gunpoint.
milvina (Hlivko & Rypstra 2003) and the field cricket, Gryllus integer (Scudder 1901) reduces activity and avoids substrates containing chemical cues associated with the funnel-web spider Hololena nedra (Chamberlin & Ivie 1942) if H.
exhibition at Nedra Matteucci Fine Art in Santa Fe, N.