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NEEANorthwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (Portland, Oregon)
NEEANational Energy Efficiency Agency (est. 2006; Ministry of Minerals and Energy; South Africa)
NEEANational Education Examination Authority (China)
NEEANational Estuarine Eutrophication Assessment (joint initiative)
NEEANew England Energy Alliance (Boston, MA)
NEEANational Environmental Education Act of 1990
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Another initiative of NEEA, Northwest ENERGY STAR Homes, is a regional program intended to promote the construction of energy-efficient homes using guidelines set forth by the EPA.
NorthWestern Energy and NEEA provided training and support to develop a strategic energy management (SEM) plan with the organizations.
This action marks a major milestone for NEEA and the 80 PLUS Program as a whole.
Dryers are the next frontier for significant energy savings in the home, and innovations like the heat pump dryer are a key technology to unlocking these savings," said Jeff Harris, Director, Technology and Market Strategy, NEEA.
Working collaboratively with the region's utilities, NEEA is reaching out with social media to capture consumers' attention and help them make smarter decisions about how they use energy.
BPA and NEEA are producing and sponsoring the event, with support from the Northwest Power and Conservation Council.
This summary outlines the specific markets, savings goals, and the strategies and activities that NEEA will coordinate as a regional alliance to support its Strategic Plan to secure a vibrant, sustainable future for the Northwest.
The FTC decision comes as NEEA, Northwest utilities and leading retailers begin a new energy efficiency awareness initiative.
Their expertise in regional energy efficiency helps NEEA more effectively drive collaborative market transformation in the states of Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.
New research on consumer electronics preferences conducted by NEEA reinforces the notion that when it comes to high-end electronics purchases, shoppers want the latest and best technology for the money.
To kick-start CRES in the Northwest, NEEA held three demonstration trainings for refrigeration operators and technicians in the Seattle, Boise and Yakima areas.
NEEA sponsored the assessment of those statutes regarding their influence on Connecticut's electricity industry.