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NEEDNational Energy Education Development
NEEDNegro Educational Emergency Drive (est. 1963; Pittsburgh, PA)
NEEDNew England Entertainment Digest (est. 1979)
NEEDNurse Education, Expansion and Development Act
NEEDNetwork of Entrepreneurship & Economic Development
NEEDNurse Education in Erectile Dysfunction
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Hospitals also need doctors to assume responsibility for patients without a private physician, and to help with assessment of utilization and outcomes.
The S & T community is probably best equipped to know the latest technologies out there and how they could best address a user need.
In all of these concerns, Carney and Savitz (1980, as cited in Gallagher, Golin & Kelleher, 1992) report that managing finances and career planning were the pragmatic areas students perceived to be in their greatest need for assistance.
We're spending less time, attention and money on structures and more on medical outcomes that show we're providing veterans with the care they need.
Although this teacher/researcher believes that the instruction provided in a pull-out program can be more directed towards the students' needs, it has become more and more apparent the importance of collaboration with the students' general education teachers and the need to observe in the student's classrooms.
It's not uncommon for an SMB to go for months without a successful backup, and they don't realize it until they need to get that data back--and they can't.
These studies show that the population with intellectual and developmental disabilities has significantly higher rates of poor oral hygiene and periodontal treatment needs than the general population.
Accordingly, countries are increasingly recognizing the need to expand access to career guidance services so that these services are available not just to selected groups, like school leavers and the unemployed, but to everyone throughout his or her life.
Employers have to balance the need for catastrophic protection with their budget constraints.
Given that few elementary schools consistently provide comprehensive developmental career guidance programs as outlined by organizations such as the American School Counselor Association (ASCA, 2003; Campbell & Dahir, 1997), the National Occupational Information Coordinating Committee (NOICC, 1989), the National Career Development Association (Kobylarz & Hayslip, 1996), and state education departments, this intervention-based research initiative responds to a critical need in elementary education.
There are those who think that because Saddam Hussein buried his airplanes in the sand that today the need for air superiority is over and that we don't need necessarily to put any more effort into dominating the skies.
Overall, there is a very large need for support with activities of daily living, which are primarily provided by friends or families, suggesting "that the formal infrastructure for such supports, such as organizations and agencies, can adequately service only a small faction of those in need.