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NEEPNortheast Energy Efficiency Partnerships Inc.
NEEPNuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics (various locations)
NEEPNegative End-Expiratory Pressure
NEEPNational Energy Efficiency Program (Saudi Arabia)
NEEPNational Exercise and Evaluation Program
NEEPNuclear Electronic Effects Program (NASA)
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NEEP analysts cautioned that the regional economic forecasts presented at today's conference should be interpreted in light of potential risk factors that could result in slower regional growth than expected, particularly the region's housing market.
Friedman's remarks, the NEEP forecast managers for each state will present their forecasts for the New England region and each of the six states.
Now, AS Roma SPV LLP owns a 100-percent stake of NEEP, having purchased the club with UniCredit in 2011 in a 60-40 split.
Ross Gittell, a professor at the University of New Hampshire and NEEP vice president, said the decline in the region's median housing prices will be just under 12 percent from its peak, with Massachusetts seeing price declines of up to 14 percent.
For more than 25 years NEEP has identified and researched economic issues relevant to New England, giving its members the tools they need to make informed, insightful business and policy decisions.
The NEEP has six levels to judge how busy a hospital is, with one being the lowest and six the highest.
Sales director, Mike Neep is confident that the company is going in the right direction in the tuna market: "We believe that development of the added-value sector will be critical for the growth of the total tuna market.
Since 2007, NEEP has provided 65 facilities with free energy audits and efficiency upgrades ranging from lighting and insulation to replacement windows and boilers.
At one point Lord Prescott congratulated the North East on having the guts and the gumption to set up a NEEP (North East Economic Partnership), which was greeted with an element of bemusement.
The Association of North East Councils and the Northern Business Forum started to take a lead role in the setting up of the NEEP, which alarmed Teesside businesses who had been fed up with One North East targeting funding towards Tyneside and feared it was starting all over again.
Slice each venison fillet into four or five pieces and arrange on the neep mixture, then pourthe sauce around.
Chief executive Paul Neep said the expansion drive was being fuelled by the former Soviet bloc states joining the EU from next year while consumers are also becoming increasingly westernised in tastes.