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NEETnot in education, employment or training
NEETNot in Employment Education or Training
NEETNuclear Excitation by Electronic Transition
NEETNew and Emerging Environmental Technology
NEETNortheast Estates and Trusts
NEETNSW (New South Wales) Energy Efficiency Trading (Australia)
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There have been efforts to reduce the number of NEET youth in the country, but continuous support is needed to sustain gains, the ADB said.
Being NEET is often related to youth offending, poor performance at school, mental health, early parenthood and other "scarring effects".
After the top court ordered on August 22 that Tamil Nadu would not get the exemption from NEET that it sought for this year and most start admissions for the new academic year based on the entrance exam, Anitha seemed dejected but reconciled.
Over the five years from 2011 to 2015, there has been a significant reduction in the proportion and number of the total school leavers known to be NEET.
According to the report, Turkey again reached the top of the list for inactive NEETs who are no longer seeking out employment.
Las economias mas avanzadas no son ajenas a este fenomeno; segun la misma fuente, cerca del 13% de la poblacion juvenil de la Union Europea es NEET (siendo Espana los que mostraban un porcentaje mas alto, 16%).
The young people, who have been working with NEET TV to produce short films, had their hard work recognised at the ceremony also attended by the Mayor of Knowsley Cllr Brian O'Hare, the Sheriff of Merseyside Abila Pointing and Knowsley MP George Howarth.
The entertainment department of Under NEET Engineering cc is calling all high school girls again to enter for Miss High School Namibia 2014.
Currently, there are 770 people aged 16 to 18 who are classed as NEET in Sandwell - 6.
5% of 15-24 year olds in the Netherlands to almost 36% in Italy, the only EU country with a higher NEET rate than Bulgaria.
The results show that some young people exposed to even severe socioeconomic risks avoid being NEET (not in education, employment or training).
com)-- At a time when youth unemployment has reached over 1 million, Capita's 15th National NEET Conference provides crucial insight and guidance into the best methods of moving young people into education, employment or training.