NEFENational Endowment for Financial Education
NEFENew England Food Entrepreneurs (Massachusetts)
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The J$TTA Model was developed by five non-profit organizations—Council for Economic Education, Jump$tart, Junior Achievement USA, NEFE, and the Take Charge America Institute—with valuable insight from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), U.
Department of Treasury, 2006; Jump$tart Coalition, 2004; NCEE, 2005b; FDIC, 2004; NEFE, 2004a).
The NEFE also funds financial education projects through its grants program and invites submissions of grant proposals to further public education in personal finance, financial planning and family and consumer economics.
NEFE held a three-day training session in July for about 200-300 teachers in Chicago Public Schools, which is ramping up a program that CPS piloted in a dozen schools this past spring.
From there, the materials were introduced to CalCPA staff, who worked with NEFE for permission to integrate the materials into CalCPA's efforts.
NEFE specifically requested the Institute invest in and help develop the women's financial literacy education element of the campaign based on the AICPA's successes with its Women's Financial Health Week programs.
While the NEFE survey results indicate that general financial literacy training can be useful for students, at least for a short period after the training, scores on a test administered to high school seniors by the Jump$tart Coalition, a nonprofit financial education advocacy group, present a less clear view of the relationship between training, knowledge, and confidence.
SECU personnel use a FAT CAT "Smart Money" workbook and its popular mascot to help teach its youngest members and utilize Biz Kid$ and NEFE (National Endowment for Financial Education) curricula for middle and high school students, respectively.
Junior Achievement Presents: The NEFE High School Financial Planning Program.
The current plan of operation is to use 2,000-3,500 gallons of NEFE acid in both the new and old perforation zones.
Because NEFE is funded entirely through an endowment, everything is given away for free--and there are no advertisements from financial institutions cluttering up the screen.
Parents are continuing their financial involvement longer than we expected," said Ted Beck, president/ CEO of the Denver-based NEFE.