NEFINNepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities
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NEFIN went ahead with the general strike even as the British government's Department for International Development that has been funding the group warned of aid suspension, saying such strikes use the threat of violence to restrict freedom of movement and people's right to a normal life.
Additionally, rights bodies in Nepal urged NEFIN to call off the strike saying it hurts tourism.
On the other hand, NEFIN creates these boundaries stating that those group are indigenous nationalities who do not belong to the four fold Vama system of Hinduism.
During the 2001 census, NEFIN summoned its member organizations to campaign within their communities to endorse their own 'original' religions other than Hinduism.
The 59 indigenous nationalities groups divided into the five categories by NEFIN on 1 March 2004 are: 1) Endengered Group: Kusunda, Bankariya, Raute, Surel, Hayu, Raji, Kisan, Lepcha, Meche and Kusbadiya.