NEFTANorth East Field Trip Alliance
NEFTANorth East Field Target Association (UK)
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Formed in 1978, NEFTA was based in Stokesley, Marton and Middlesbrough before settling in Lazenby.
Bacillus strains from natural soil populations in Death Valley National Monument, California (strain prefixes DV1- through DV9-) and from the Mojave Desert (strain prefixes RO- and RS-) in Rosamond, California; the Gobi Desert (strain prefix IM-) in Inner Mongolia, China; and the Sahara Desert (strain prefix TU-) near Nefta, Tunisia were isolated as described below.
Eurogas has significant land positions in Tunisia, holding a 40 percent interest in the 500,000 acre Bazma permit, a 57 percent interest in the 700,000 acre Sud Nefta permit and a 33 1/3 percent interest in the 1,100,000 acre El Hamra prospecting permit, which is currently being awarded.
L'annee en cours verra donc l'inauguration des laboratoires d'informatique ATB du college Mekki Ben Azouz de Nefta et, respectivement, les lycees Taher Haddad a Gabes et Ibn Ell Mandhour a Kebili.
The same source highlighted the festival-goers' keen interest for sightseeing tours, oasis and crafts shops, particularly in Tozeur and Nefta.
He spent three days travelling to the south of the country on the Movie Magic desert safari, visiting Star Wars locations at Ksar Haddada, Hotel Sidi Driss, Chott el Jerid salt lake, Nefta and Onc el Jmel, plus the spectacular Roman Colosseum at El Djem.
Travel on to Tozeur and Nefta, used for the exterior shots of Luke Skywalker's Star Wars home.
The well, BZM-1, will be drilled to a planned depth of 3800 meters using the CTF 04 drilling rig which recently completed the drilling of the Nefta 1 well on the Corporation's Sud Nefta Permit, 165 kilometers to the west of Bazma.
Il s'agit de l'amenagement de lotissements de 160 ha destines a des logements et des commerces, repartis entre Tozeur (100 ha), Nefta (50 ha) et Degache (10 ha).
Nefta Airport (400 000 passengers per year, with 60 % of scheduled international flights, 31 % of domestic flights and 9 % of charter flights).
Nearby, Nefta has more than half a million date palms and the town of Douz is the centre for some serious Sahara treks.
TSE:EUG) released today the following report on the status of the company's testing program on the Sud Nefta exploration permit in West Central Tunisia.