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NEGNational Emergency Grant
NEGNippon Electric Glass
NEGNational Escort Group (UK sport)
NEGNortheast Groovers (band)
NEGNon-Evaporative Getter (pump)
NEGNational Education Guidelines (New Zealand)
NEGNational ELINT Group
NEGNew Economic Geography
NEGNew England Gas Company (Fall River, MA)
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As required by the NEG Oil & Gas Agreement, on November 21, 2006 (i) NEGI received the sum of $260,825,071 (the "Payment") from NEG Oil & Gas, which the parties agreed was the amount owing to NEGI under Section 5.
There can be no assurance that the purchase of NEGI's membership interest in NEG Holding will occur.
If the transactions contemplated by the Letter of Intent are consummated, NEG's 50% membership interest in NEG Holding is redeemed and NEG's management agreements relating to NEG Operating LLC, National Onshore LP and National Offshore LP are terminated, NEG's principal asset will consist solely of its cash balances and NEG's principal indebtedness will consist of its outstanding $148.
Philips LCD and NEG formally announced their agreement to set up the joint venture during a signing ceremony on 23 February at LG.