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NEGSNew England Girls' School (New Souh Wales, Australia)
NEGSNew England Guitar Society (Milford, CT)
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16) Giulio Busini to Belisario Vinta, 16 April 1585, Negs.
One of the nice things about OLS is that it provides a way to cut cost and reduce the carbon footprint significantly without compromising service or quality," commented NEGS president John Grillo.
I am excited about the contract and the new direction for NEGS and a way for NEGS to continue with our goal of bringing Alternative Energy or energy savings products to market," stated Dr.
John Grillo, President of NEGS, said, "We are very pleased with the growing acceptance of our products from repeat business and from new customers and markets.
NEGS president John Grillo said, "The strong demand from our existing customers is a testament to our installation teams and the proven energy savings achieved with the installation of our products.
In November 2007, the Company announced an agreement with I&I Group as the exclusive representative of NEGS Ozone Laundry System for India.
These organizations seek to provide builders and managers with responsible energy conservation techniques, such as those offered by NEGS.
NEGS president John Grillo said, "Our focus on opening new markets and gaining repeat business from satisfied customers has helped generate a robust fourth quarter and backlog.
NEGS Signs Agreement with the I&I Group as Representative for India
NEGS President John Grillo said, "In the past year our business has expanded rapidly and we are ready to move to the next level of our development.