NEHBNorth Eastern Health Board (Ireland)
NEHBNorth East Housing Board (UK)
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Dr Muldoon also said he did not think the NEHB had "learned a lesson" from the expensive case.
An NEHB spokesman said: "We can confirm a patient was brought by ambulance from Monaghan to Cavan General Hospital last Monday and was pronounced dead on arrival.
The two employees in question spend less than 10 per cent of their work time on NEHB staff members.
The board of consultation at the NEHB meeting on the problem included a number of professors, doctors, social workers and medical officers.
Health warnings and high-profile advertising are having a huge effect on children's perception of smoking and the NEHB said it is delighted with the trend.
The NEHB said the complaints related to "interpersonal difficulties" between the men.
A spokesman for the NEHB said: "The cost of taxis and minibus hire for the North Eastern Health Board area last year was EUR2.
But they were adapted for the NEHB by the Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA).
The NEHB has rubbished the claims and a spokesman said: "Substantial progress has been made in all the major areas and a significant number of services have already been introduced.
Kieran, Niamh and Jack are among 72 autistic children in Meath, one of four counties in the NEHB area, while there are 120 in the midlands region.
Siptu branch secretary Neil McGinn has sent a strongly worded letter to Paul Robinson, chief executive of the NEHB, demanding an apology.